Friday, June 17, 2011

The Most Rockin Of Rock & Roll Guitars!

Trade number four DONE. I present to you the stuff mosh pits are made of. THE MOST ROCKIN OF ROCK AND ROLL GUITARS! THE FENDER SQUIRE!

(Eat your heart out jack black.)

This is a guitar. One of the most classic guitar brands of all time. Every time you play this guitar, you are instantly surrounded by awesome laser lights, fog machines, intense wind that will blow your hair back like you are shredding in the middle of a hurricane, and only the most unscrupulous of groupies. Scientists say playing this guitar is kind of like getting a finger-tip massage from a Greek god. Also it's red, so it goes faster than most other guitars.

 (Not pictured: Massive amounts of high fives you will be receiving for playing such an AWESOME thing. Also fog machines.)
This was traded to me by the Gentlemen at Kings Pawn in Venice, Fl. These guys are awesome. Just look at them!

(Pictured: Awesome dudes.)

If you have something to trade for this AWESOME PIECE OF ROCK AND ROLL, let me know! Here is a list of a few people that (probably) play fender squire guitars:
Bill Clinton
Genghis Khan
Joan Of Arc
Johnny Depp
Albert Einstein
Anthony Bordain
Every single member of the British royal family.... (Probably)

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